Black Hat SEO: Dominate Rankings! 8 Tricks You Must Know About

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What is Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO.?

Black Hat SEO refers to a practice Against search engine guidelines to increase a site or page’s Rank in Search Engine Results Page. The term “Black Hat” Comes from the Western movies to differentiate the “Bad Guys” from the “Good Guy” ( White Hat ).

It’s Crucial to know that Using Black Hat SEO Tricks and strategies can get your site Paralyzed or Banned from the Search Engines.

Recently, It’s used more often before then by those who perform unethical actions with computer like, Computer hackers and Virus creators.

Black Hat Tactics

Black Hat SEO seeks to game the search engine algorithms, Rather than solving for the user. Instead of using the right way to rank highly on SERP, It’s Uses Shady tactics to get you there in short amount of time.

Using Black Hat Seo Tactics is likely to damage your presence in SERP rather than improving it.

There Are Some Most Commonly Black Hat SEO Tactics That You Must Know About.!!!

1. Content Automation.

Content Automations refers to a process where user use tools or scripts to generate Content Automatically, And publishing it on your site without any single effort from your side.

People think this Black Hat SEO practice is a good idea in the short term because it will help you to get a site with a lot of content in very short time without any efforts , and then you are gonna start to experience significant search engine results rank loss.

Content Automation

There are lots of tools that can do the dirty work for your site , But you’d better think about the Consequences before using any tools that would help you to do the Content Automation.

2. Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages refers to a practice of inflating a site for a particular query in SERP ( Search Engine Results Pages ).

Using some cloaking and sending the user on a page that does not have any connection or related with the search query.

It is an adapted way of redirecting the user on different pages with some slightest changes. Those who use this practice want to rank higher in SERP in a Unethical way , Of course.

In 2015 March , Google launched a new ” Doorway Pages Penalty Algorithm” Especially for this type of Tactics that support Black Hat SEO.

If you Search on Google “Prednisolone without prescription” you will find this results on SERP.

When you go to this site you can see a Doorway Pages. User can’t find what he was looking for, Instead he find a list of top pharmacies online.

Doorway Page

That’s how Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages Work.

3. Hidden Text or Links.

Hidden text and links are a common tactic used in the black hat world.

It is a Practice which is used for adding links and anchors inside the Blog content and hide them by coloring it white so that  the text or links can’t be visible to reader.

Hidden Text and Links

Hiding Text or Links is form of cloaking in black hat  SEO technique Link Building.

The sole purpose of Hiding Text & Links is to building Links comes in different shapes and sizes.

Google has discovered all tactics: Hiding text or links using CSS to position Text off-Screen.

Hidden Text and Links is not like 100% bad for your site, For Example, Using a alt description of descriptive image, a script for Code or Java for flash files are acceptable.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing refers to the Black Hat SEO Tactics to fill your content with irrelevant keywords in an attempt to Manipulate the ranking of your site on Search engine results page.

Keyword Stuffing is an old Tactics that had its moment of glory. It was very popular before the 2000s, until Google started to realize that content with high keyword density is not relevant to the user’s.

Google explains Keyword stuffing as:

  • Block of text listing the cities and states for which a web page is trying to rank.
  • Using a word or phrase repeatedly to the point where it appears forced and unnatural.

Putting so many variations of keywords where they doesn’t add any value to content can creates a bad experience for user,  and also it will get you Penalize by Panda Google Algorithm for a low quality content.

Google Panda Algorithm

5. Negative SEO ( Reporting a Competitor )

As per the name says it, Negative SEO do the Opposite of what you expect and that is the cutting the traffic and decrease the SEO visibility continuously. But who wants that.??

They don’t want to do it for their website, and use this False reporting so they can penalized their competitors.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is any kind of malicious practice aimed at sabotaging search engine results rankings of a competitor’s Website.

This is generally considered “Black Hat SEO” for it’s unethical and malevolent Nature, for an Example of Negative SEO service offer in a reddit thread. GSA Search engine ranker or GSA SER is a tool for make an automated spammy link building.

6. Sneaky Redirects

Sneaky redirects refers to a practice that involves sending the user to a different URL than the one they initially clicked.

In Black hat SEO this is a most commonly used Tactics that redirects outside of the purpose they are intended for.

Along with the same as cloaking, this might include redirecting a search engine crawler/bot to only one page and all others users to another pages.

Another example of Sneaky redirects is redirecting a highly authoritative page with lots of backlinks into another irrelevant page. it can help in to boost it’s position in search engine results pages.

example of sneaky redirect

Sneaky redirects is mostly used on online movies site. Whenever you click play to see a movie it will redirects you to another websites pages, which are mostly irrelevant.

A 301 Redirects the majority of authority from from one to another pages. People can practice this black hat seo with solely purpose of manipulating the search engine results ranking.

301 redirects also refers as grey hat seo , because it’s used to generate traffics on site but not in a natural way.

Also Know About SEO..!!!

7. Cloaking

Cloaking refers to a black hat SEO practice that involves showing one piece of content to users and shows different piece of content to Search engines Crawler.

Webisites do this in order to make their content rank for a various of terms that are irrelevant to their content.


It is acceptable to tailor your content to different groups of users.

For example, you can shrink the size of your website whenever someone visits from a smartphone. You can also change the language of a page based on the country someone is visiting from.

that’s acceptable , as long as you don’t changed the content that appears for Search engines crawler/bot

Using Cloaking means violating Google Guidelines, Because Cloaking is used to fool Search engines Algorithm.

And you are taking risk of getting penalized by Google Penguin.

Google Penguin

8. Link Schemes

Link Schemes

Link Schemes referred also as “Link Spam”. it is a attempts to manipulate Search engines results rankings with using unnatural links.

Link schemes involve both the links that point to your website and the links that lead away from your site.

Link Schemes is an essential part of Black hat SEO.

Basically it refers to an agreement between two sites to rank in Search engine results.

You can find many of sites and directories that offer links in exchange. They will make big promises such as free links and quality links for your niche, you can even make money through their affiliate program.

It is very easy to do link schemes and then rank, But you will also get penalized just as easily.


In Conclusion,

Black Hat SEO Tactics can work for short-term and may offer you gains in terms of site visibility and ranking on Search engine results page, but they come at a significant long-term risks.

Using this kind of practices goes against the guidance of Google and other search engines Algorithm. and this also an unethical process in Digital Marketing.

While Black Hat SEO tactics might produce quick results, Search engines are becoming more Sophisticated in detecting and penalizing all these kind of methods.

The possible consequences, Which include several penalties and complete removal of site from the search engine results page is far outweigh than any temporary benefits.

In this ever-evolving landscape of Digital marketing, it’s important to prioritize White Hat SEO Strategies that focus on creating high quality content, and provide a Positive user experience, and build genuine authoritative backlinks. By using ethical practices and staying up-to-date with Search Engines Algorithm.

To achieve long term success in this competitive Digital marketing world you need to remember the true path of sustainable growth lies in a commitment to delivering value and respect to the rules set by Search Engines and Online Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. What is Black Hat SEO?

  • Black Hat SEO is using unethical methods to manipulate search engine rankings.

2. Why “Black Hat”?

  • It’s like the “bad guys” in old Western movies, doing things against the rules.

3. Common Black Hat Tactics?

  • Tricks like Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Text, Negative SEO, and more.

4. What’s bad about Content Automation?

  • It generates content automatically, but harms your website’s long-term ranking.

5. What are Doorway Pages?

  • Fake pages created to mislead users and search engines.

6. What’s Keyword Stuffing?

  • Overloading content with irrelevant keywords to trick search engines.

7. How harmful is Negative SEO?

  • It’s sabotaging a competitor’s website rankings unethically.

8. What’s the risk of Black Hat SEO?

  • Short-term gains but long-term penalties, even site removal from search results.

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