Google Tools : Unleash SEO potential with these 4 Best Tools

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What is Google?

What is Google and Google Tools?

Google Tools refers to a range of services provided by Google, and Google is the most popular search in the world, with 92% of worlds population.

It was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. student at Stanford University.  Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. 

Among the Google services Google search engine stands out as one of the most widely used services. 

Additionally, Google tools include many other valuable services that meet a wide variety of user needs for their businesses, with various digital tasks and needs.

How Does Google Work?

How Does Google Works

Google’s Search engine, works by using automated web crawler/bot to discover the pages by crawling them, and collect the data from these pages, and organizing it into an index, and then ranked web pages based on their various factors like keyword relevance, content quality and backlinks. Google also provide Googles tools which helps to check your website performance time to time.


Whenever a user search anything into search query box, Google’s give the best and the most relevant page to their user, using Google’s Algorithms, and shows the most relevant results at the top.

User interactions with the search results, such as impressions, clicks and bounce rates, helps Google to refine its search engine algorithms over time. 

Google also personalized search results based on the user search history and location. Google also displays ads on the search results page, advertisers bid on keywords to show their ads to users whose query matches those keywords.

Why Google Tools are Important?

why google tools are important

Google tools are helpful for individuals and businesses to maximize their online presence and success. 

These tools provide a range of functionalities designed to assist in various aspects of digital marketing,
content optimization and website management.

These Google Tools help website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals to optimize their websites, track performance, and improve their visibility in Google’s search engine results page.

Here are the best 4 Google tools that will help you in SEO:

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the Free Google Tools that allows you to monitor the performance of your website and improve it.

Google Search Console provide the valuable information about indexing status, Search traffic , and many other technical SEO aspects Which can helpful in website visibility.

For Google Search Console all you need to do is verify your website ownership by adding a code to your website.

As an SEO checker tool Search console can help you understand how user view your website and you can optimize it for better performance in Google search engine results.

It’s more useful for a new website as it let know how many pages are index or not and then a website owner can submit web pages for search indexing.

Google search console also helps in to identify and fix issues that cause a bad impact on your website visibility on Search Engine Results Pages, Issues such as crawl errors, Duplicate content and Broken links.

In Google search console you can also submit the sitemap of your pages that you want to index and understanding how your site is performing from an experience point of view.


you’ll also received the alerts about the critical issues like security breaches or manual penalties.

Google Search Console

This is one of the Google tools which people used for analyzing search performance.

It allows you to see specific clicks and impressions which can be further broken down into queries and pages.

This is not only helps in for reporting, but it also helps in to see and understand queries for a specific page are receiving a lot of impressions, and perhaps not getting enough clicks, Giving you more of an idea to make strategy for which keyword you should use.

Here are some other useful features in Google Search Console that includes:

Page Indexing

Page Indexing

Your website will not appear on Google results page until it’s indexed. and this google tools will show you how many of your websites

pages are indexed. Like if 80% of your website is indexed then the other remaining 20% will not show to google and it stays invisible.

Crawl Stats

Crawl Stats

This one will tell you the total number of crawl requests to your site, it shows the data of past 90 days.

It’s similar to indexing, it make sure your pages can be crawled helps google see that your site has relevant information for users queries.

It also shows the reasons why a particular URL of your website isn’t indexed, and giving you more insight to understand your website’s indexability.

Mobile Usability

Benefits of Google Tools they helps in many way. Like Google Search Console, It provides you the insights of how your website are performing in mobile devices.

This report detect issues that may cause the bad user experience on mobile devices, like small text ,improperly sized elements and unplayable content. 

By looking into these issues you can remove the issues and enhanced your websites mobile user experience, Which can positively impact your website on search engine results page rankings.

 Google also made it clear that mobile friendly website is a crucial ranking factor and websites that are not mobile friendly will find it more difficult to rank on search engine results page.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another one of the free Google Tools that will helps in to tracks and reports of website traffic, User behaviour, and other SEO metrics that are so much important to understand a website’s performance.

It provides important and valuable insights into how a user interact with a Website and this report help you to make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance.

Google Analytics is one of the Google tools that particularly helpful, because it allows you to track the important metrics that will help you in SEO. 

Here are some useful features of Google Analytics:

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources

Google Analytics has an acquisition report that provides insights into the sources of your website’s traffic, such as search engines, social media platforms, and other referral websites.

By gaining a clear understanding of the origins of your website’s visitors, you can concentrate your efforts on optimizing your site’s performance for these specific channels.  

This Data will helps you to make strategy and improved it time to time , where your audience spends the most time and interacts the most.


User Behaviour


Google Analytics also gives the report of how users interact with a website, Including which pages they visit, amount of time they spend on that page, and when they exit.

By Analyzing all of this Data, You can improve and make changes accordingly to improve user engagement and conversion rates via identify the areas of website that need improvements with this Google Tools.

For example, if you notice that your website is getting a lot of organic traffic, you can find out how many and which pages they are visiting.

Real Time​

real time

With this feature you can see how many users are currently on your website, which pages they are interacting with, and other website traffic metrics like as location and channel.

Real time reports are best for monitoring campaigns that you need to do like Email Marketing, Social media posts, or content that you’ve produced, as they provide the vital insight how a users are reacting to your website’s in real time.



With this feature you can track and analyze user conversions, like when a user completes a particular goal , like making a purchase, or filling out a form, signing up. this goals section provide you the report of number of conversions, conversions rate and value of every conversion.

This is one of the google tools that plays a important role in e-commerce website or the websites that sell product and or services.

it gives you data on transactions, products sell, revenue, which are important to analyze the sell performance and you can optimize product offerings.

Audience Reports​

Audience reports

The audience section in Google Analytics provides vital insights into the characteristics and behaviour of your site visitors using this Google Tools. It also show the data related to demographics, location, devices, interests and user behaviour it helps you to understand your audience.

3. PageSpeed Insights

Google pagespeed insights

PageSpeed Insights is one the Google Tools that provides lab core web vitals performance scores.

These core web vitals are a important key metrics that created by Google to give you the data about user experience on your website.

These metrics are meant to gauge how well a website performs in three crucial areas: how quickly it loads, how smoothly it responds to user actions, and how stable and consistent its visual presentation is.

Pagespeed is one of the important factor in SEO, Because google also take this factor on account while ranking websites in search results page.

If your websites is faster then it’s more likely to have ranking by google than the one website which is slower.

Pagespeed Insights give you the score on a scale of 0 to 100 , indicating the performance of your website in various fields. It’s one of the Google Tools that provide informative details.

This score is important to track your websites performance and improved it.

Google Pagespeed
Pagespeed issues

This tool also provide the details of a websites’s speed and performance and also suggests a way to improve it.

The tool evaluates a website’s load time, time to first byte, and other key performance metrics that can affect user experience and SEO.

It tells which scripts and style sheets are slow down the website, Which images are too big and also gives you the answer how to removed that issues.

Why PageSpeed Insights Is Important??

PageSpeed Insights not only gives you solutions for hidden technical issues that impacting your website but it is also a resource that helps to learn what those issues are.

Every Highlighted issue gives you the links to a Google Developer page that offers more in-depth background information about  that issue and how you can fix them.

However, It’s definitely useful for a beginner and still a great google tools for understanding and improving the performance and speed of your website to gain user good experience on both desktop and mobile.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends

Last but not the least, Google Trends! This Google Tools allows user to explore search query data about various topics and keywords.
Google Trends provide the information about any specific keyword popularity and show the details by time and geography. 

How search volume of a specific keyword or topic has changed over the time. and also shows the location where that specific topic or keyword was most popular,  With The time Segment you can understand how seasons can affect keywords, It also show you if a keyword is losing popularity.

If you see a downward trend in a keyword, it may indicate that searchers are losing interest in that search due to a product or trend.

Google Trends

Google trends is valuable Google Tools for SEO, Because it provides the information of what people are searching for and when.

You can also find the emerging trends on the internet and can be used to create a content related to that topic, and make strategies to gain organic traffic, and improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

Finally, Google trends mostly used to identify the seasonal trends and ups and downs in search volume for a particular keywords. Which will help businesses plan their marketing campaigns and content strategies more effectively. 


Why Google Trends?

Why Google trends

Google Trends is an one of the Important Google Tools for Competitive research. It allows you to understand the topics and queries that people are actively looking for.

The trend line by time will show you how steady a trend is, If it’s going up or down or steady.

Using Google Trends to stay one step ahead of emerging trends and understand the changing search behaviour of your targeted audience. 

You can easily gain a competitive advantage and reach your SEO goals more efficiently.


In Conclusion,

Google Offers a various Google tools for SEO, to help websites owners and SEO professionals to improve their Search engine results page ranking and visibility. 

Overall all these Google Tools provide a vital insights and data that will help you in SEO to optimize your website and build their online presence.

These Tools covers the most important areas of SEO such as Technical, user experience , relevance , content, analytics, mobile and desktop SEO, so it would be a beneficial for you to explore these Tools.

By using these Google Tools, you can detect the area of your website that needs improvement, with help of these tools you can make data-driven decisions, and easily can achieve your SEO Goals.

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